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Shortly after their debut album, Terrible 2s released a single Vianoce.

"It's a Christmas present, two songs to listen to and for free download for people who want a strong message loaded in quiet, flowing music in these COVID times," says Lucia Piussi, who founded Terrible 2s with drummer and violinist Agnes Lovecká as two other members of the band Živé kvety immediately after its disintegration.

Both songs were produced by Tomáš Sloboda and were recorded live with the whole band, as the group gradually rehearsed and smoothed them out during the summer at concerts and in the rehearsal room. 

The single Christmas will be released in 2022 as part of the double vinyl together with the debut album Na vrchole síl.

Free listen and download of the single is available on the Terrible 2s website:


  • 01 Vtedy a tam (Born In Time) 00:14:57
  • 02 Vianoce 00:09:01

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