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About the album

The debut album of the band, founded by Lucia Piussi and Agnes Lovecká.

The songs were created during the lockdown year after the disintegration of Živé Kvety. Agnes and Lucia were sending each other ideas from Zemianske Sady to Petržalka and back. The basis of the songs consists of electronic beats and a nylon guitar.

"It can be said that Lucia and I fulfilled our hip-hop dream, even though it's not so orthodox hip-hop in the end," says Agnes.

The producer of the album is Tomáš Sloboda (Le Payaco). Bassist Belinda Rašnerová and ex-members of Živé Kvety Michal Lašán and Juraj Mironov gradually joined the band. Stanka Apfelová also recorded bass parts on the album. Marián Džubák took care of the mastering.

*you can listen to the whole album on the Terrible 2s website:

*cassette will be available in a limited number of 50 pcs

*vinyl format contains 2 records - on the first is the album Na vrchole síl and on the second is the single Vianoce

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.



  • 01 Na vrchole síl 00:06:25
  • 02 Ja a moji chlapci 00:07:53
  • 03 Vtákom 00:05:08
  • 04 Prežijem 00:05:30
  • 05 Petržalská symfónia 00:04:36
  • 06 Slobodný človek 00:04:45
  • 07 Pošta bez hraníc 00:08:46

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