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Terrible 2s release a new album, Eva Turnová from Plastic People of the Universe joined the band.

Terrible 2s was founded in 2020 by four members of the well-known Slovak band Živé Kvety. After the debut record and two singles, they are now coming with the second album "Dotýkať sa oblakov". Lucia Piussi and Agnes Lovecká are again the authors of the new songs. The bassist Eva Turnová from the legendary Plastic People of the Universe also joined the band.

The compositions of the songs are more refined than on the debut album and you can feel the joint energy of all the band members. The sound is made up of an instrument set of guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and violin. Eight songs were created in the Real Music House studio in Bratislava in cooperation with producers and musicians Robert Pospiš and Martin Sillay, who contributed significantly to the overall authenticity of the recording . Designer Palo Čejka took care of the visuals.

The album will be released on CD, LP and digitally. On streaming platforms from 9th September. 


  • 01 Láska 00:04:19
  • 02 Underground 00:06:15
  • 03 1000 a 1 noc 00:05:04
  • 04 Domov 00:03:43
  • 05 Majster a Margaréta 00:06:50
  • 06 Odpustíš 00:03:19
  • 07 Dotýkať sa oblakov 00:05:19
  • 08 Február 00:05:50

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