After almost 20 years of our existence, we’ve decided to launch our first crowdfunding campaign.

We’ve been led to this idea by apparent reasons, seeking for new sources of support, so that we could keep working as a record label even during the Covid period. If, like us, you believe in the music we release, now is the rightmost time to indulge us with a little push into a better tomorrow.
This crowdfunding campaign is one of the ways to support the local scene and get perhaps even a few unique gifts that we have prepared for you with our friends, musicians and artists associated with Slnko Records.

Help us endure the coming months and move to the next level. We guarantee the use of all contributions solely for the processes associated with the release and distribution of albums. We thank you.

If you donate € 30 or more, you may claim a reward: a special limited edition T-shirt with a drawing by Shooty, a surprise CD / LP or a signed tape by Andrej Šeban.

And don’t forget, it’s always sunny above the clouds.

Label donation

Support release activities of Slnko records with the amount of your choice.
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5 1000 Direct input 30,- € Donate
Donations will be solely used for publishing activities of Slnko records. All donations and their use will be published on
If you’d like to receive a gift for your donation, please give us your preferred choice into the Order notes. (including contact information and size in case of the T-shirt)

Please take into consideration the minimum donation levels for respective gifts.
30€ and more
CD/LP surprise
30€ and more
Cassette 30€ and more
€ for support of new music

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