Slovenskooo / Šťastie

Terrible 2s

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About the album

A protest song and music about happiness.

Terrible 2s was formed after the breakup of Živé kvety from four original members and a new bassist. Their debut album, Na vrchole síl, was released by Slnko Records in autumn last year.

The new EP Slovenskooo / Šťastie was created in the Real Music House studio with producers Robert Pospiš and Martin Sillay.

"I spewed out the text Slovenskooo in the course of maybe an hour, it was like a cork flying out of a bottle. In it, I put everything that really annoys me about this country of ours. The elitism and arrogance on all fronts," says Lucia Piussi.

The second song from the EP is the song Štastie, for which music was composed by Jaro "Leďo" Lederleitner from the band Princovia.

The creation of Terrible 2's new music was supported by the Bratislava City Foundation.


  • 01 Slovenskooo 00:06:32
  • 02 Šťastie 00:07:11

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