Selected songs

  • 01 A vy dzeci 00:03:31
  • 02 Mužu, mužu 00:02:12
  • 03 Keď vojačik narukoval 00:02:28
  • 04 Naša chyža vybielená 00:04:15
  • 05 Pred tou bystrickou kasárňou 00:04:24
About the artist

Zuzana Homolová has been performing folk ballads for decades and has become the synonym for this genre in Slovakia.

Zuzana Homolová's artistic destiny may have been decided by a one-year study stay in Tours in France at the end of the 1960s. In addition to the student barricades, it was the poetics of chansons, the global folk wave and traditional French ballads that sparked Homolova's interest in the interpretation of Slovak folk ballads, which is her domain in general, in addition to setting older and contemporary poetry to music.

She released albums in which important musicians participated (Vladimír Merta, Jiří Stivín, Vlasta Redl). She recorded the album "Tvojej duši zahynúť nedám" with her constant concert partner - multi-genre violinist Samo Smetana, with guitarist Daniel Salontay and other top musicians (Slnko records 2005). For this title, she received a prestigious Aurel award for the best album in the Ethno and world music category. The permanent tandem was completed by guitarist and player of other stringed instruments Miloš Železňák, and the group was given the new name TROJKA Z. H..

The musical group TROJKA Z. H. continues to present the interpretation of folk ballads and songs in a non-traditional way, moving between several genres. Its members emphasize the concentrated expression of songs and old stories, and their production creates an atmosphere of uniqueness and provokes non-verbal communication, verified even in a foreign language environment. The old folk ballad thus becomes a bridge across the centuries, and connects the seemingly unconnected: it discovers forgotten gems of folk culture and presents them in a new musical light.

Albums: Čas odchádza z domu (Opus, 1989), Homolová a Stivín (Opus, 1991), Slovenské balady (Pavian records, 1995 - BMG Ariola 1999), Tvojej duši zahynúť nedám (Slnko, 2005), Ňet vekšeho rozkošu (Slnko 2013). As a duo with Miloš Železňák she released an album Medzi dvomi prázdnotami (Slnko records, 2014), and again in trio Keď vojačik narukoval (Slnko records, 2019) and Šak je to láska zlá (2022).


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