Inou Krajinou

Nina Berglová

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About the album

"Inou Krajinou" is a strong debut marking the end of the crazy year 2020.

Composer and singer Nina Berglová in cooperation with renowned jazz player bassist Štefan "Pišta" Bartuš creatively grasped folklore melodies, lyrics and their fragments from various localities in Slovakia and breathed new life and expressive value into them. 

Nina may seem like new face on the domestic music scene, but thanks to her talent and studies abroad, she moves between jazz, European classical music, electronics and pop with experience and elegance.

The whole process of creating an album has its origin in the author's detailed study of various folklore localities within our region, together with their peculiarities (natural or cultural), in order to put the layers of a new "inner" landscape in the listener's mind.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.

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  • 01 Veruže len tráva 00:05:27
  • 02 Priaďmeže len 00:05:08
  • 03 Pofukuj, povievaj 00:05:18
  • 04 Jari, Bože jari 00:08:14
  • 05 Ej, jaki ši Maričko 00:05:58
  • 06 O vtáčati 00:05:56
  • 07 Krajinou inou 00:05:48
  • 08 Vojana 00:07:47
  • 09 Hajaju 00:05:13

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