Nina Berglová

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  • 01 Hajaju 00:05:13
  • 02 O vtáčati 00:05:56
  • 03 Pofukuj, povievaj 00:05:18
  • 04 Priaďmeže len 00:05:08
About the artist

Nina may seem like a newbie on the domestic music scene, but thanks to her talent and studies abroad, she moves between variety of genres with experience and elegance.

From her early age (she started singing when she was 5 years old), she advanced through different musical genres (folklore, classical music, pop, rock, jazz). Her studies of jazz singing at the Conservatory in Messina, Italy, strongly influenced her presence under the direction of one of the most prominent figures in Italian avant-garde jazz, Rosalby Bentivoglio.


She has collaborated on several projects and played concerts with several Italian and Slovak musicians (Livio Minafra, Giampiero Locatelli, Samyr Guarrera, Stefan Bartuš, Alan Bartuš and others).


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