Za dlaňou

Mila Medvedovska, Daniel Špiner

To cart Mila Medvedovska Daniel Špiner
About the album

A chance meeting of a Ukrainian singer and Slovak composer leading into a strong debut album.

Slovakia gave the Ukrainian singer and voice teacher Mila Medvedovská not only a new home but also an opportunity to devote herself to what she loves most - music and singing.

Coincidence or fate brought her together with the pianist and composer Daniel Špiner. Soon, the first concerts came along with own new music and duets with Petr Lipa, Juraj Benetin or Sima Magušinová.

The result of more than a year of creative collaboration between Mila Medvedovská and Daniel Špiner is the album Za dlaňou. Available on vinyl and CD.

Album was supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council, SPP Foundation and The Social and Cultural Fund of SOZA.


  • 01 Kosil tatko 00:02:46
  • 02 Dumy moje 00:04:36
  • 03 Za dlaňou 00:03:13
  • 04 Vrchy, moje vrchy 00:04:43
  • 05 Oj, čí to kôň stojí 00:04:19
  • 06 Modlitba matky 00:04:11
  • 07 Ty si ma oklamala 00:06:26
  • 08 Otčenáš 00:02:46
  • 09 Oj, na lúke červená kalina 00:04:53

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