Daniel Salontay - Jakub Kačic - Daniel Špiner

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About the album

Don't play what has already been tried.

The fragile piano introduction reminds of the works of the Estonian contemporary classical music composer Arvo Pärt. Then, the deconstruction follows, drums, guitar and accordion are added to create 45 minutes of music that defies any stereotypes. 

Zedzdžez is the debut album by the three authors Daniel Salontay - Jakub Kačic - Daniel Špiner, each of whom has a lot of musical experience.

"We said to ourselves that we will play with a feeling like when a person discovers an instrument for the first time and is enchanted by its sound."

The album is out on CD, LP and an extended edition is available on streaming platforms.

Supported by Hudobný fond and using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.


  • 01 môže byť aj tak 00:12:28
  • 02 dobrý deň, zabudol som na daňové 00:02:03
  • 03 je to úplne iné, ako som počul, keď sa to dialo 00:07:18
  • 04 zajtra si to nevypočujeme a nahrávame ďalej 00:05:00
  • 05 ša normálne, netreba vojnu na dobrý zvuk 00:05:32
  • 06 hyundai tu som, škoda veru 00:04:54
  • 07 meškaniel vyzretiel čakaniel 00:07:25

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