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About the album

The music for this album was created as a "free ride" inspired by everything Daniel Salontay has studied and dreamed about M.R. Stefanik since childhood.

The recording was made in the studio on Trnavská Street in Bratislava. Not far from the studio is Lake Kuchajda, to which Daniel went to rest during breaks and it was also the last landmark of pilot Stefanik, according to which he navigated to his fateful landing at the airport in nearby Ivanka. The view of the water surface, and the feeling that Štefánik had been looking at it exactly 100 years ago, was particularly calming for Daniel. This feeling then greatly influenced the serene character of the music, which we recommend as a great soundtrack to observe the stars.


  • 01 Prologue 00:08:54
  • 02 Babylon Library 00:02:59
  • 03 Biblionaut 00:00:51
  • 04 Belle Epoque 00:01:18
  • 05 Adorato Giuliana 00:03:07
  • 06 Mont Blanc Bolero 00:08:41
  • 07 Telegraph Tintinnabuli 00:04:22
  • 08 Nobleman 00:01:50
  • 09 Startalker 00:05:30
  • 10 Tahitská Bystrica 00:02:51
  • 11 Morocco 1914 00:06:46
  • 12 Night Flight 00:04:47
  • 13 Dark Matter 00:04:06
  • 14 Epilogue 00:09:02

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