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Following a successful performance at the Pohoda 2019 festival, the original members of the Bratislava band Med decided to please their fans and gradually release songs from their rich repertoire.

The result is the tri-single of "Ráno", "Domovina" and "Poslední budú prví". The first two songs were recorded by the band in the Lososound studio with Vlado Holina - guitar, keyboards, Vlado Slama - bass, Tomáš Ďurovka - vocals and Matej Ruman - drums. The newly remastered composition. "Poslední budú prví" was originally recorded in 1999 and presented in the same year in the show More in the video clip of Braňo Špaček, in the original set with Tomáš Ďurovka, Vlado Holina, Vlado Slama, Laco Graus and Erik Horák.


  • 01 Ráno 00:03:33
  • 02 Domovina 00:03:23
  • 03 Poslední budú prví 00:05:44

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