Selected songs

  • 01 Poslední budú prví 00:05:44
  • 02 Domovina 00:03:23
  • 03 Ráno 00:03:33
About the artist

One morning in 1999, we all met at Trnávka in the rehearsal room to pack our instruments and take us to a real studio by trolleybus and then by bus number 39.

Because of course none of us had a car. Tomáš Ďurovka went to the studio for the first time in his life, but we were all inexperienced and tense about how it would turn out. Erik Horák as our drummer, Laco Graus with keyboards in a significantly used cardboard box, Vlado Slama with bass guitar and Vlado Holina with Fender Jag and one old twelve-string  without a case. In almost a moment, more realistically in about half a day, we recorded two songs on a tape - the last one will be the first and O dobru. Then we experienced the most diverse 20 years of existence and non-existence of the band, until in 2019 we were invited to play at Pohoda thanks to Juraj Kušnierik, our sincere fan, for whose eternal glory they created a stage there. This immediately gave us energy and a desire to play, and Tomáš Ďurovka generously offered to invest in recording of two songs. We now had Erika in the role of sound master and behind the drums sat a very nice and skilful Maťko Ruman. In this line-up and in the hot summer of 2019, a recording of one of our old songs "Ráno" and another recording of "Domovina" was made. Together with the remastered song "Poslední budú prví" to be released on a tri-single in the spring of 2021.



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