vLáska 2

Marián Slávka

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About the album

The basis of Vláska 2 was established a few years ago at a concert in Brno, when Marián Slávka spat out an improvised piano intro on stage in front of one of the songs.

He memorized the instrumental theme at the time and now used it as the main motive, which blends, modulates and sounds in different tones throughout the new album. You can feel elements of classical music and a non-violent reference to Dežo Ursiny. Something like sonatas after a modern intervention by a producer.


  • 01 Intro 00:01:26
  • 02 Téma H 00:06:44
  • 03 Krajina 00:05:50
  • 04 Štvrtý krok 00:04:48
  • 05 Dezider 00:05:43
  • 06 Odkazy 00:04:18
  • 07 Skoro tam 00:06:01
  • 08 Finále 00:03:25

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