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Hvozd could be translated as an old, deep and dark forest. It is however also the name of a unique band.

"As we began to meet and started remembering the old days, we wanted to capture this period, have old songs in one place together and preserve the history of Hvozd. 15 to 20 years ago, we published songs from this period only on the "then online" platforms, or sent recordings to the festivals we wanted to play at. But it's basically three mini-albums that we're now releasing as Starý Hvozd. " Ivana Tirpáková

In eleven remastered compositions, Starý Hvozd maps the period of the origin and transformation of the Hvozd group, the years 2001 to 2005, when several groups of musicians took turns in having gigs with Lucia Chuťková and Ivana Tirpáková. In terms of sound, they range from the beginnings inspired by the Czech underground and poetry to the chanson-cabaret sound that fits Hvozd to this day. What unites the individual periods are the rich arrangements, where the piano, accordion and voices are accompanied by distinctive rhythms as well as wind and string instruments.

By purchasing the Starý Hvozd compilation, you will also contribute to the creation and recording of the new Hvozd album, to be released later this year.

Remaster: Majo Džubák in Smile 4U Records studio, Bratislava (smile4urecords.com), February 2021

Cover: Ivana Tirpáková, 2021


  • 01 Schoulit 00:03:35
  • 02 Při pohledu na mrtvého havrana 00:02:02
  • 03 Bílý čáp 00:02:48
  • 04 Stmívá se 00:02:48
  • 05 Večer se kloní 00:04:02
  • 06 Napil jsem se 00:02:39
  • 07 Pastier 00:05:10
  • 08 Zhasla světla 00:01:43
  • 09 Nešťastný milenec 00:02:42
  • 10 Koza 00:05:53
  • 11 Máme sa všetci dobre 00:04:09

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