Keď vojačik narukoval

Trojka Zuzany Homolovej

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About the album

Singer Zuzana Homolová, known for the musicalization of folk ballads and poems, after four years re-announces her new album.

After a purely authorial recording In Between Two Voids (Medzi dvoma prázdnotami), the respected musician returns to the proven line-up as a trio, and in the home publishing house Slnko Records prepared in cooperation with Miloš Železňák and Sam Smetan a new album When soldier conscribed (Keď vojačik narukoval).

As it is customary with Zuzana Homolová, her new work speaks modestly and without much attention. In the autumn flood of music projects and events, however, it is all the more refreshing to slow down for a moment and dive into an extremely interesting processed acoustic production.

Again they are folk songs and again playing as a trio of  Zuzana Homolová (singing, guitar), Miloš Železňák (guitars, cello, drumbla, buzuki, singing and many other instruments) and Samo Smetana (violin, viola, singing). There are also percussions by Jan Oriško from Bratislava Klezmer Band, breathes by bagpiper Lukáš Lacko, but also a suggestive vocal of Czech music star Iva Bittová in two songs Between Two Hills and So Writing Women.

The theme of the First World War and other folk tales about wars from different periods add a unified the story to the whole album.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council


  • 01 V kalinovom lese 00:05:13
  • 02 Pod Belehradom 00:02:08
  • 03 Mezi dvoma vrchy 00:04:47
  • 04 Nigdaj som nevidzel 00:02:48
  • 05 Ferenc Jožka 00:01:46
  • 06 Pred tou bystrickou kasárňou 00:04:24
  • 07 Tak písali ženy 00:03:19
  • 08 Na sekulskom poli 00:04:22
  • 09 Ej, basomže ti paru 00:04:55
  • 10 Naša chyža vybielená 00:04:15
  • 11 Čo sa stalo nové 00:02:39
  • 12 Brave capitaine 00:03:40
  • 13 Na sekulskom poli II. 00:02:46
  • 14 Duju hornistove 00:04:36
  • 15 Keď vojačik narukoval 00:02:28

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