Sugar kids won't stop screaming

Walter Schnitzelsson

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The energetic indie-rock band with blues feeling releases their second studio album Sugar Kids Won´t Stop Screaming after several years of preparation.

If you're a fan of indie and rock´n´roll themes with blues feel, Walter Schnitzelsson has good news for you. Their second album Sugar Kids Won`t Stop Screaming is ment for you. In many aspects this recording continues where her predecessor Fever finished. It is full of sun-saturated guitar melodies that you can't get out of your head after the first hearing. On the other hand, some darker and more sophisticated sections may require a little more of the listening time. But that's exactly what Walter Schnitzelsson intended and wanted.


  • 01 Short story 00:02:52
  • 02 Sugar (our kids gonna kill us) 00:03:29
  • 03 Higher 00:04:17
  • 04 Somniloquist and the sleeping orchestra 00:04:22
  • 05 It's always sunny in my hometown 00:04:23
  • 06 On deadly ground 00:03:06
  • 07 Everything is alright 00:02:56
  • 08 Lifetime goals 00:03:14
  • 09 Cabal 00:03:50
  • 10 Perfumed penury 00:03:24

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