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  • 01 Zbojníci 00:04:23
  • 02 Klára 00:02:30
  • 03 Život 00:04:19
  • 04 Odpovede 00:05:42
  • 05 Bludár 00:03:24
About the artist

"Deep, charismatic, excellent! Where is the man hiding and why? ” that was the spontaneous reaction of editor-in-chief of the largest Slovak music portal to Richard's work.

The answer is fairly simple - Richard Autner has so far focused primarily on his acting career. Being a National theatre drama member, he regularly performs in theatrical productions and you can also get to know him from several Slovak series and films.

With his debut album Odpovede, you can see this versatile artist performing in all corners of Slovakia, often in tandem with another actor, director and musician Martin Geišberg.

You could also notice Richard in the dance show Let's Dance 2023.

He is currently working on his second album. If you like Richard Autner's work, you can contribute financially to the costs associated with recording new songs in the studio. We thank you.


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