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  • 01 Mramorové slnko (album Mramorové slnko) 00:05:35
  • 02 Sedem miliárd (album Sen Fiction) 00:05:33
  • 03 Na to si tu sám (album Sen Fiction) 00:04:38
  • 04 Túžba praveká (album Jazyk duší) 00:03:25
  • 05 Jazyk duší (album Jazyk duší) 00:04:20
About the artist

On May 20, Nany releases his first solo album and for the first time with an electric guitar. You can now support this great songwriter and person with a donation of your choice and we will send you the new CD called Mramorové slnko.

There will be 10 songs on the album Mramorové slnko featuring an electric guitar which came into Nany's life a long time ago with heavy metal. "Last year I was given an electric guitar at a festival and I really liked it. Suddenly, there's a whole new solo album which is very personal and for the first time solo and for the first time it is recorded an electric guitar. I wonder what how you are going to like it,” says the songwriter from Prievidza, who has released 7 studio recordings so far. You could hear and play him in meadows, teahouses and other nice places, often in joint performance with Martin Geišberg.

"I am very happy to see the artist we support progressing. That he is able to create his own way of recording which is truly independent. It always makes me feel like I want to keep helping artists. The result of our little friendly help is the album Mramorové slnko,” says Shina, the founder of Slnko Records.

We are now launching a pay-what-you-want presale of Mramorové slnko. We don't want to pretend that we are raising money to produce this album. In fact, the album is ready and will be released anyway. Rather, we see it as an opportunity to support Nany's work and our label activities. Thank you!

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