Šťastné dieťa


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About the album

Katarzia presents its sixth and this time purely acoustic album.

Openness and empathy are the values ​​that Katarzia tries to follow in life and in her artistic work. Her lyrics and music often create images and emotions that are transferred to the listener, and everyone can find a piece of their own story in them.

Katarzia composed some of the album songs on the piano she inherited from her mother. This determines the direction where the sound of the new album is going. Don't look for electronics in Ableton this time, in the foreground are piano, acoustic guitar and also pieces in faster tempo with audacity in the style of Pussy Riot.

The album is released by the czech label Animal Music, it was produced by its founder Petr Ostrouchov and recorded at Sono Records Doupa. Katarzia invited the young Slovak pianist Kristína Smetanova, drummer Roman Vícha and bassist Tomáš Liška to the studio.

The Happy Child album will be released on October 6 on CD, LP and digital.


  • 01 Piesok 00:04:29
  • 02 Šťastné dieťa 00:04:32
  • 03 Kniha nepokoja 00:04:04
  • 04 Tomboy 00:04:17
  • 05 Hnev 00:04:41
  • 06 Dotyk 00:04:14
  • 07 Pohár mlieka 00:04:11
  • 08 Drzosť 00:04:01
  • 09 Neveríš si 00:04:14
  • 10 Dosť 00:03:21
  • 11 V noci (bonus track) 00:04:57

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