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Ivana Mer's second album is a complex and conceptual work that was created over several years in collaboration with 18 musicians from different countries and continents.

The recording can be perceived as a continuous, 45-minute composition that is an ode to nature and the planet Earth, while also reflecting the current socio-geopolitical situation. The return to the roots is the leitmotif of the album not only from the ideological point of view, but also from the point of view of the selection of musical elements or instruments such as sitar, udu, kora and is reflected in a strong visual concept. Earth is published on Earth Day on April 22, which has been reminding us for more than 50 years that the wealth and resources of our planet are not inexhaustible.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.


  • 01 The Earth 00:04:57
  • 02 Ode 00:06:19
  • 03 Soll 00:03:11
  • 04 Tree 00:04:55
  • 05 Abundanza 00:04:38
  • 06 Who is in charge? 00:05:41
  • 07 Incahuasi 00:03:48
  • 08 Ina Maka 00:04:09
  • 09 Arcadian 00:07:02

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