Krehkou krajinou


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About the album

After 12 years, Hvozd releases their second album.

It has been a long wait, but it was worth it. After a 10-year break, the creative collaboration of sisters Lucie Chuťková and Ivana Tirpáková started working again.

Demos of new songs were first created in the combination of piano and accordion. However, the resulting sound is a big shift compared to the previous work.

"I think this album is quite different. We felt like the accordion, which we had in almost every song in the past, didn't fit in the sound of the new record. The whole process has been a search and an adventure for us," says Lucia.

The core member of the bans is Peter Čaputa on the bass. When the drummer Juraj Raši came to the studio, everything fell into its right place. On the album, Hvozd also collaborated with brass players - Karol Šípoš (trumpet), Robo Kolař (trumpet), Ján Slezák (saxophone), Miro Tóth (saxophone), Branislav Belorid (trombone).

The result is a sonically rich but at the same time straightforward record with a specific atmosphere of melancholy and optimism.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.



  • 01 Je čas ísť 00:04:10
  • 02 Muchy zvonia o sklo 00:03:03
  • 03 Hotel 00:02:52
  • 04 Vesmír 00:03:27
  • 05 Uspávanka 00:03:12
  • 06 Je ma menej 00:05:01
  • 07 Blúznili blázni 00:03:58
  • 08 Ticho 00:03:21
  • 09 Hostina 00:03:10
  • 10 Krehkou krajinou 00:04:15
  • 11 Prší 6 - live v klube Alterna (Brno) 00:02:50

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