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Darkness Positive

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About the album

9 vinyls from the latest Darkness Positive album, each piece is unique.

This is a real limited edition. With the help of designer Norbert Neuschl, Darkness Positive put together a special edition of vinyls for their album "Otáznik". It contains 20 pieces of transparent ten-inch vinyls in hand-made packaging with a completely new design.

The uniqueness of the entire release lies in the modified graphic technique, where the hand-drawn art was converted into digital curves, then sandblasted into glass and printed by a linocut system, while the intentional imperfection of the print created 20 unique marked works.

Simply put, each record (or rather its packaging) looks differently.

The band takes 11 pieces from this series with them on the upcoming tour "Skoro som zahynul" and at each concert there will be an auction of one record.

The remaining 9 pieces are available through our label.



  • 01 Zahynul 00:03:38
  • 02 Sami sebou 00:03:33
  • 03 Chlapci z dediny 00:03:28
  • 04 Abyhralima 00:04:21
  • 05 Nemáš začo 00:03:26
  • 06 Kufrík 00:03:52

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