NITRA (Live)

Darkness Positive

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About the album

Pop, jazz, dance, funk and hip hop is their game

Listen to how this inter-genre group from Slovakia (Martin) sound like when they hit it Live in Nitra (David Koller Acoustic Tour 2019). This release comes in both audio and video and is signalling a new planned album yet to be released in autumn this year on Slnko records. 



  • 01 Neviem čo mi je 00:03:51
  • 02 Sugar panic 00:04:59
  • 03 Káva 00:06:28
  • 04 Idzem Neidzem 00:03:31
  • 05 Zahynul 00:03:56
  • 06 Telefón 00:03:19

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