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During his solo career, Andrej Šeban has shown several times that he is familiar with experiments in addition to traditional guitar production. Same spirit is carried throughout this album.

TRIPLET: Random Rolls - In Between Holidays - Down the stream

In his new work he places special emphasis on the visual aspect of music, since he does not separate music and visual art and is able to hear the image and see the sound himself. The intention was to create audio-visual images, which he describes as "cinema for the ears".

The main concept in recording the albums was to break free from the specific harmony, melody and rhythm and open the space for a free experiment. The result is instrumental songs made up of stereo effects and, to a lesser extent, live instruments or vocals, but without specific lyrics. “I let myself be carried away by the flow of invention and avoid any boundary rhythm. When recording, I put everything I know about music aside and approached it as a child who discovers the sounds and feelings that music brings me. I see my own images in it and I can decipher the story from it without thinking about specific chords or tones, ”describes Andrej Šeban.

“Nowadays I perceive as separate free rhythmic currents going independently through each other in various harmonic and melodic contexts. I had the impression that this music reflects the state of the world as it is, ”.

The album is released as a limited numbered edition in 600 copies. It consists of three CDs in a paper digisleeve with 46 songs on it. On the cover is Andrej's picture.

It is created with a financial contribution from the Music Fund.



  • 01 Vitajte! (Hody náhody) 00:01:57
  • 02 Odtiaľ potiaľ (Hody náhody) 00:03:38
  • 03 Hole (Hody náhody) 00:02:22
  • 04 Kam sa tie kvety... 00:01:34
  • 05 Ach tie kvety 00:01:20
  • 06 Komorná (Tokom) 00:02:52
  • 07 Doba to umožňuje (Tokom) 00:03:32

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