Rock and Roll z Rači

Andrej Šeban

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About the album

Yet again, it sounds different, innovative and at the same time song-like, as if he was loosely following up on his former success Bezvetrie.

Soon after the extensive and unclassifiable musical work Triplet, the renowned Slovak musician Andrej Šeban comes up with another album. The album is a result of a continuous, several - year recording, in which a respected guitarist and composer decided to utilise a different set of composing procedures.

"I understood that from the point of view of my feeling, it is better to record continuously. To record the way I feel at the moment, what I enjoy at the moment. Like when a filmmaker shoots a lot of material and then starts editing and selecting it, ”says Andrej Šeban, who managed to gather long hours of unusual instrumental and vocal ideas. Their first embodiment is the album Rock ‘n’ Roll from Rača.




  • 01 Pár slov na úvod 00:00:53
  • 02 Život je krásny 00:03:07
  • 03 V poho 00:06:13
  • 04 Princ 00:04:07
  • 05 Plastický chlapec 00:02:20
  • 06 Vodomer 00:04:01
  • 07 Ing. Láska 00:05:17
  • 08 Lovištia 00:03:05
  • 09 Rock and Roll z Rači 00:05:50
  • 10 Slávna vianočná pieseň vhodná ako výplň medzi dva reklamné bloky kamkoľvek 00:03:27
  • 11 Život je krásny 2 00:03:41

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