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The latest addition to Sun Records is Blanch led by singer, songwriter and guitarist Bianca.

Delusion is a collection of unconventional compositions and imaginative indie-folk sounds. If you need more specific help, Daughter or Katarina Malikova as references could help.

The album was created in studios Pod Povrchom and Lososound. In addition to the current band line-up, Filip Hittrich, Ladislav Végh, Ajdži Sabo and Milan André contributed to the production and production of this album.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.



  • 01 Waves 00:03:35
  • 02 I love you 00:03:45
  • 03 Like a good boy should 00:02:45
  • 04 New Ways 00:03:24
  • 05 Wiser 00:03:27
  • 06 Echo 00:03:21
  • 07 Over hills 00:03:18
  • 08 Are they (Are we) 00:03:24
  • 09 Gaia 00:03:15
  • 10 How 00:03:44
  • 11 Just be 00:03:20
  • 12 Behind (Delusional meaning) 00:04:22

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