Conscious Being

Valér Miko

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About the album

The second solo album of the virtuoso pianist and composer under the Slnko Records label.

Peace, intimacy, freedom, vigilance and 100% dedication to one thing. Valér Miko has been thinking about these topics and values ​​for the past twelve months. The album Conscious Being is a musical expression of what he has been experiencing.

In terms of genre and arrangement, the album partially follows the previous recording Presence. Again, he combines improvisation with composed compositions, but also moves in new directions.

For example, the song Peace features a simple and catchy piano intro, to which Martin Geišeberg sings in Esperanto and gradually progresses to a full-band finale with brass and strings.

Album was supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council and The Social and Cultural Fund of SOZA. 


  • 01 Birth 00:02:31
  • 02 Spirit 00:06:02
  • 03 Intimacy 00:02:29
  • 04 Evolving 00:07:31
  • 05 Open Mind 00:06:19
  • 06 Freedom 00:02:35
  • 07 Crossing 00:01:23
  • 08 Peace 00:06:05
  • 09 Lucia 00:02:03

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