Mirror Me


To cart Tolstoys
About the album

The long-awaited second album, the main topic of which is the search for one's own identity.

Mirror Me works with the idea that all our feelings, habits and patterns are based on how our parents, friends and partners have treated us in the past.

On the record, the band combines groovy fretless beats with sharp "casio" synthesizers and the soft voice of the frontwoman Ela Tolstova.


  • 01 Skin Hunger (We Are Human Beings) 00:02:28
  • 02 Mirror Me 00:02:30
  • 03 Dokola 00:02:40
  • 04 Cigarette Tongue 00:02:04
  • 05 Love Is Not For Rent 00:02:36
  • 06 Describe My Name 00:02:39
  • 07 Chýbanie 00:02:51
  • 08 Satisfied 00:02:38
  • 09 Salt 00:01:40
  • 10 Gentle 00:02:53

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