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Alternative jazz performed by multi-instrumentalist, singer, composer and lyricist Sisa Fehér.

Most of the work took place in solitude behind the piano, sheet music and Ableton. Her concept, which the author kept in her head for quite some time, manifested into an original live form, in collaboration with musicians from Denmark, Norway, the Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Switzerland and Italy. The result is an authentic work with a raw sound, sovereign singing and a specific constellation of the wind section with a trumpet, trombone and flute.

This project was made possible by the financial support of the SPP Foundation.


  • 01 Quantum 00:03:43
  • 02 Remedy 00:03:13
  • 03 Saoirse 00:03:30
  • 04 KHI 00:05:04
  • 05 Mercy 00:04:18
  • 06 Toulouse 00:04:32
  • 07 Her Remedy 00:04:45
  • 08 II 00:04:23
  • 09 Blue Salvation 00:03:42

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