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The cult album is now also available on vinyl.

Despite the variety of sounds and the entanglement of moods, from dancing tracks like Tancuj! through an urban probe to the soul of an urban man in the first single Jazda, the album holds beautifully together. This is mainly due to the band's unique and recognizable sound, which crystallizes with each new album. They may surprise by the collaboration with rapper Lyrik, they will certainly please with the song Mariena which became the single of the year at last year's Radio_Head Awards and impress with a unique but psychedelic chilling guitar solo in December.


  • 01 108 00:01:40
  • 02 Hviezdy 00:04:02
  • 03 Tancuj! 00:03:09
  • 04 Jazda 00:03:46
  • 05 Odpájam sa 00:03:37
  • 06 Dáta taja dych 00:03:47
  • 07 V krajine bez mora 00:03:26
  • 08 Míňajú ma dni 00:03:36
  • 09 December 00:04:04
  • 10 Nečakám 00:03:00
  • 11 Mariena 00:04:04
  • 12 Za stenou 00:04:33


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