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Limited graphics in LP cover dimensions

Ginkgo is one of the oldest trees on Earth and also a favorite tree of Dano Salontay from Longital. His characteristic golden-yellow letters, which Dano and Shina collected 20 years ago in the Janko Kráľ Park in Bratislava, became part of their debut album September.

For the 20th anniversary of our label, we are returning to ginkgo through illustrations by leading graphic designer Mária Rojko. This is the first part of the graphics series, whose authors are designers and artists closely connected with Slnko Records.

"The illustration is based on the original of a specific ginkgo letter, which Shina attached to the September album, and I still have it at home with me. Years ago, I was very impressed by the music, the hand-made cover and Shina's story. I have now photographed, redrawn this particular ginkgo and it kind of closes the circle for me. The visual bears the number 535, exactly as the CD was originally numbered, which came into my hands in 2001,” explains Mária Rojko.

We met Majka at a time when Slnko Records did not exist and Shina devoted herself to graphic work in the magazine Kritika a kontext. Shortly after the establishment of the label, our long-term cooperation began, during which Majka took care of the visuals of dozens of Slnko Records albums. Her latest design for the 20th anniversary of Slnko Records is an important part of the common story.

Ginkgo graphics are published in a limited edition of 50 pieces measuring 30 x 30 cm, which is the size of the vinyl record cover. All graphics have a special watermark, certificate of authenticity, are manually numbered and printed by a special Fine Art method on archival 350 gram paper.


As a graphic designer, Mária Rojko focuses mainly on book design. Her heart matters are illustrations and within THIS! is a gallery she founded together with her husband Miloš Kopták, dedicated to their collection, rescue and presentation.

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