Martin Zajko

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  • 01 Soul Man 00:03:49
  • 02 Buket 00:03:12
  • 03 Bamboo 00:01:55
  • 04 Nepovieš áno 00:03:12
  • 05 Uspávanka 00:02:47
About the artist

The genes of a musician are in his blood and he has worked with the likes of Richard Müller, Jana Kirschner and Sima Magušinová.

He has been involved in music since childhood and today he is a recognized guitarist, bassist and singer. He considers the year 2004 to be one of the most significant milestones, when Richard Müller approached him with the question of whether he would join him on a concert tour. From this moment, a number of interesting collaborations followed for Martin Zajko.

An important moment in his musical life was the meeting and closer cooperation with the drummer Igor "Ajdži" Sabo. Their joint path began by playing in the formation Sanyland and in Mr. Band of Silvia Josifoska. For a while, they also met in the musical formation Dlhé diely, together they created a very compatible and desirable duo. Together, they recorded, among many other records, Sonia Horňáková's album Pozdrav z Teonatu, and you could often see them on stage with Jana Kirschner or Ďurko Turtev in the Blues Club. However, as a duo Slide & Udu they resonated the most and released 3 albums together at Slnko Records.

Now, Martin Zajko presents another one of his solo projects, an album called Dotyky múz.


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