Deti rýb

Korben Dallas

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About the album

Korben Dallas sing about a nice death, clicking (into one another) and the theory of everything.

Sometimes they play soul, sometimes they play Prince, sometimes they sound like a French movie, other times like at the Nu Spirit Club at three o'clock in the morning. In nine songs, the band offers nine different moods combining playfulness, drive and energy. The recording was produced by Tomáš Sloboda and mastered by Martin Čema.


  • 01 Deti rýb 00:02:54
  • 02 Roky a dni 00:03:55
  • 03 Zapadáme 00:03:06
  • 04 Teória všetkého 00:03:39
  • 05 Stále tam 00:03:40
  • 06 Popínavá 00:02:47
  • 07 Dievča s kladivom 00:03:16
  • 08 Dvere 00:03:39
  • 09 Pekne zomrieť 00:03:43

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