Pes poručíka Molnára


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About the album

The third studio album of the Bratislava band.

Again with songs taking place in the backdrop of the Slovak capital. You can catch Hviezda at their release party on September 16 at Klub pod Lampou.

"At the end of May 2019, we rented a cottage high in the mountains in Štiavnické vrchy above Hodruša Hámre. Erik "Losos" Horák brought his tools, we brought our instruments, and since there was a lousy signal, we could focus on the recording. The original plan was to record the songs classically in stems, so that we wouldn't lose the opportunity to fix and correct things endlessly. But after the first day, Erik suddenly says, "Guys, you sound great together, why don't we record it all live?" After the initial hesitation, it turned out to be a good idea."


  • 01 1000 bytov 00:03:55
  • 02 Dobrý večer 00:03:39
  • 03 Turú turú tú 00:03:02
  • 04 Modrá škola 00:04:04
  • 05 Frajerka 00:03:47
  • 06 Emulgátory 00:02:53
  • 07 Ja už nevládzem 00:03:39
  • 08 Pes poručíka Molnára 00:01:24
  • 09 December 00:04:40
  • 10 Jak je mi 00:04:57

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