The Creation / The Fastest Way To Deep Clean a House

God and Eve

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About the album

The acclaimed newcomers of the Slovak scene combined two EPs into one album, which you can now order on a CD or vinyl.

In the winter, God and Eve released their debut EP, with which they immediately attracted attention in Slovakia, and praise is also beginning to come from the Czech Republic.

Now the young author's tandem Eva Sajanová and Richard Grimm have put together four new songs called The Fastest Way To Deep Clean a House. He continues in them with playful art pop with strong melodic ideas and excellent singing.

God and Eve combined their two EPs to create a 9-track album, which you can now order as a CD (available from January 20) or vinyl (available from April 1).

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.



  • 01 Brainwashing 00:03:14
  • 02 Death 00:03:15
  • 03 Ženská pieseň 00:02:45
  • 04 Banging My Head Against a Brick Wall 00:02:11
  • 05 To bola taká 00:02:26
  • 06 Decisions, Pt. I 00:02:53
  • 07 Decisions, Pt. II 00:02:40
  • 08 The Perfect Song 00:04:18
  • 09 Dear Dairy 00:03:56

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