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About the album

A comprehensive piece of music on the border between jazz and classical music.

The work and the latest album of the pianist and composer Valér Miko can be perceived from several aspects. The title of the album expresses the author's philosophy of living in presence in music and outside of it.

From a compositional point of view, it manifests itself in spontaneous improvisations and an effort to capture the charm of the moment. On this journey, Valér is assisted by experienced bandmates Martin Gašpar (bass) and Igor "Ajdži" Sabo (drums and percussion) as well as other great musicians:

Boris Čellár - e guitars
Pavol Bereza - e guitars
Erik Rothenstein - clarinet, alto saxophone
Michal Cálik - trumpet
Alžbeta Struňáková - oboe
Rami Shaafi - overtone & throat singing

spectrum quartett:
Ján Kružliak - violin
Peter Dvorský - viola
Branislav Bielik - cello


  • 01 Exploring 00:06:14
  • 02 Waterfall 00:07:01
  • 03 At Twilight 00:05:10
  • 04 Presence 00:04:51
  • 05 Behind the Mirror 00:09:37
  • 06 Spontaneous Reflections 00:04:28
  • 07 Blue Days 00:07:02
  • 08 The Journey 00:07:16
  • 09 Conclusion 00:05:19

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