Selected songs

  • 01 Real 00:02:59
  • 02 Mad 00:03:40
  • 03 Do You Remember 00:03:31
  • 04 Witches 00:03:07
  • 05 Time in Space 00:04:16
About the artist

In the bowels of turbulent Berlin lives a group known as Tolstoys, whose roots go back to Slovakia through Germany to distant New Zealand

In April 2024, they present their latest album "No Limit To Love"; a mystical tapestry woven from ethereal threads of magical Slavic trip-hop and ancient harmonies of hippie psychedelia. Their live show is honest and mysterious at the same time, wild but vulnerable, full of human warmth, sexy rhythms, old magic and new joy. Let them light a fire in your soul and take you on an unforgettable adventure where love knows no bounds and the heart finds solace in the realm of song.

Since winning Debut of the Year at Radio_Head Awards 2017, Tolstoys have performed over 200 live shows. Among them were Eurosonic, BUSH, MENT, but also big domestic festivals (Pohoda, Grape, Colors of Ostrava). They toured Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Germany, opening for Tom Odell, Lola Marsh, and Easy Life. Their frontwoman Ela Tolstova was selected for Forbes 30 under 30 and after the release of their 2nd album Mirror Me, which was nominated for album of the year 2022, they appeared on the biggest billboard in Times Square in New York.


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