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Enjoy a small present from us, a tasting menu of all 2020 releases!

This year was a great challenge for all of us.

The initial releases of this year were a decent warmup for the Celibate that came out of a blue. It continued like a summer storm of twists and turns, until we found ourselves here, full of hopes for what's next. 

Don't you forget, it is always sunny above the clouds.


  • 01 Archívny chlapec: Môžeme si to dovoliť / Zapadákov 00:04:24
  • 02 Billy Barman: V meste straší / Zlatý vek 00:03:36
  • 03 Katarzia: Tristan a Izolda / Celibát 00:03:58
  • 04 Daniel Salontay: Kontrapunkt chudobných / Zaobraz 00:08:22
  • 05 Živé Kvety: Náhodou / Cesty, ktoré nevedú nikam 00:04:08
  • 06 Andrej Šeban: Rock and Roll z Rači / Rock and Roll z Rači 00:05:49
  • 07 Darkness Positive: Nemáš začo / ? 00:03:26
  • 08 Nina Berglová: Hajaju / Inou krajinou 00:05:13

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