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Impressive debut of a young cellist and music teacher.

Until now, Matej Tkáč has been more of a sideman. You could hear his musical contribution in recordings by Jana Kirschner, Para, Katka Koščová or Nany Hudák.

Now he comes up with a debut record in which he decided not to limit himself in terms of musical form. The songs are on the border between folk and rock with layered strings, vocals and strong topics.

Matej sings about the struggle with a difficult disease, the loss of the loved ones and asks himself where life will lead us if we "surrender" to it. The key to the answer can be love, togetherness, hope, willingness to constantly work on yourself and improve.

"Before I started recording the album, I didn't have any specific idea. I started with the first song and it was a pure experiment. Then I started trying to sing and see how it develops. Teaching an instrument also led me to this. When you teach children to play, at certain point you have to use your voice, sing to the children to show them what needs to be done."

The author of the music, lyrics and arrangements is Matej Tkáč. He also recorded all the instruments except the drums, for which he invited his friend Vlado Leškovský.


  • 01 Kam ma dovedieš 00:03:52
  • 02 Kadiaľ 00:05:33
  • 03 Korene 00:06:26
  • 04 Škovránok 00:03:38
  • 05 Putá 00:05:53
  • 06 Plynutie 00:05:27
  • 07 Memento Mori 00:09:57

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