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Martin Geišberg

To cart Martin Geišberg & Daniel Špiner
About the album

Dancing songs sounding like coming from a Balkan trumpet festival alternate intimate ballads and meditative harmonies.

Two years after his debut "In Apple Region", Martin Geišberg is returning to the scene with a novelty "On The Blue Planet". Thanks to the cooperation with Daniel Špiner and the jazz Balkan-folk group Balkansambel, he emphasizes the dance quality of his songs, while remaining faithful to the theatrical and conceptual approach to creation.


  • 01 Štrikovali 4 kone 00:03:26
  • 02 Na majetok je to 00:03:54
  • 03 Afrika 00:05:14
  • 04 Nany 00:04:10
  • 05 O čosi skôr 00:02:30
  • 06 Kto neokúsil 00:03:39
  • 07 Voda 00:09:59
  • 08 Grétka 00:05:06
  • 09 Ronja 00:07:38
  • 10 Na čo sa podobám 00:03:03

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