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About the album

Embark on a musical journey through natural, cultural and historical wonders of one special place on earth.

Pustvopol is an archaic term for an abandoned field - a part of the village Telgart in Brezno district. Pustvopol is therefore also a celebratory yet misterious and fanfare-ish folklore song, that lead to become the title song of this album. 

These areas of Telgart, Sumiac and Puste pole give me excitement and great curiosity. Every time wander through, I feel something forgotten, mysterious and strange. Quite justly, the area was once rich and prosperous, thanks to the prominent European noble family of the Coburgs.

The concept evolved gradually, born of itself, surprising and wiring to the surface as an autonomous person - a living, aware of its potential. I studied the field around the "Pusté pole" rather intuitively, through the feeling, the essence that emanates from it, rather than through the facts. I've drifted and sunk into the magical atmosphere, and I let all the surroundings affect me. It appeared to me one after each other, as did the whole of Pustopol, until one day I finally realized that it was going to be different than planned and going beyond what we had expected. K. M.



  • 01 Pustvopol 00:03:39
  • 02 Zrána 00:04:05
  • 03 Bulo bi nam bulo 00:03:01
  • 04 Kolo nás 00:03:39
  • 05 Dínom, dánom 00:01:15
  • 06 Cudzie svetlo 00:03:58
  • 07 Jedna sestra 00:04:36
  • 08 Nevesta hôľ 00:03:44
  • 09 Popol augusta 00:03:15
  • 10 Dvanásty január 00:04:36
  • 11 Krehká láva 00:05:48
  • 12 Nová krajina 00:06:33
  • 13 A to je to posledné 00:05:19
  • 14 Ej, už som prešiov 00:02:20

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