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The award-winning singer and songwriter returns with a long-awaited new album.

"Obyčajnosti" refers to a celebration of everyday moments, things and rituals that come to life in Jana Kirschner's melodies and speak in a colourful musical language.

The author of all songs and lyrics is Jana Kirschner. The album was recorded in London with the band Mad Mad Mad, which is currently playing with the world-renowned Irish musician Róisín Murphy. The producer of the album is once again Jana's longtime partner Eddie Stevens.

The result is a natural, acoustic sound, no big post-productions. Everything that was created on the spot remained. The organic feeling is omnipresent and the whole concept of the album is to return to live playing and the joy of creation.

"Obyčajnosti" album is released on CD, in a digital version and also in the form of an exclusive double LP.

The vinyl version includes:

- 2 x 180 gram white vinyls
- triple gatefold packaging - unfolding the panels reveals a visual that is almost 1 meter wide
- 20-page large booklet with the story and photos from the recording
- all song lyrics

By buying LPs and CDs in advance, you directly support the artist and the label. You enable us to carry out this project in the highest possible quality.


  • 01 Prológ (Obyčajnosti) 00:05:47
  • 02 A po nás potopa 00:06:09
  • 03 Tiene 00:07:28
  • 04 Chcela by som 00:03:01
  • 05 Delia nás 00:05:09
  • 06 Mám pocit 00:04:01
  • 07 Rýmy 00:03:30
  • 08 Struny 00:03:57
  • 09 Malá zem 00:07:12
  • 10 Nepokoj 00:07:56
  • 11 Epilóg (Holubienka) 00:06:19

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