Taký pekný, veľký

God and Eve

To cart God and Eve
About the album

The first long studio album of the talented duo Eva Sajanová and Richard Grimm.

Taký pekný, veľký offers a varied mix of genres, sounds and moods. From psychedelic pop through noisy guitars and layered vocals to bizarre violin duels.

Eva Sajanová jumps from English to Slovak, her lyrics are playful, strange, sometimes dark and funny.

The album is available on 180 gram yellow vinyl and also on CD.


  • 01 Vždy keď zomrie človek zomrú traja 00:02:50
  • 02 Dobré to je jak to je 00:01:34
  • 03 Ants 00:02:18
  • 04 Cirkus 00:03:54
  • 05 On socializing 00:02:37
  • 06 Guilt won't save you 00:03:42
  • 07 Schody 00:03:09
  • 08 Stupavský širák 00:02:30
  • 09 Husľové duely 00:02:36

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