Selected songs

  • 01 Puntičkár 00:02:45
  • 02 Veľmi zlá otázka 00:01:52
  • 03 Kádrovák 00:03:06
About the artist

The author of the project is the composer and saxophonist Miro Tóth, also known for his collaboration with the Kronos Quartet.

The band includes however other well-known musicians: composer Lucia Chuťková, Marek Buranovský (Vojdi), Márton Csernovszky (The Best Bad Trip), Áron Porteleki (Thisnis) and Michal Kaščák (Bez ladu a skladu). The songs were created by setting music to the statements of the former head of ŠTB Alojz Lorenc, which were stylized by Marek Kundlák.

The last chief of ŠtB, Alojz Lorenc, gave an interview to the SME daily newspaper in 2014, in which he talked about his work in leadership of state security services in the late 1980s, as well as life after the Gentle Revolution, helping PENTA as corporate risk director (their cooperation continues to this day). Lorenc's story is one example of the transformation of society from the period of totalitarianism to the present day. The statements of a former member of the secret service (and a cryptologist) are becoming a tool for adapting and obscuring the actions of the communist regime, which persecuted and cruelly punished its opponents - many of whom paid with their lives for their courageous attitudes. In the light of this historical parallel, Lorenc's statements from the above-mentioned conversation are extremely cynical.


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