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About the album

It was supposed to be just one song, in the end it's a new album.

Musician, writer and traveler Dorota Nvotová is releasing her sixth studio recording.

Unsurprisingly, the album contains ten songs and you can feel that it was created without stress and with joy. Music sometimes creates a cinematic atmosphere and leaves room for imagination. It is all intensified by the uniqueness of the analog recording. The basic set of drums, bass and piano was recorded in one track on a tape. Everything is recorded live like at a concert, without headphones and ideally, without mistakes.

Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.



  • 01 Modriny 00:03:10
  • 02 Tabak 00:04:12
  • 03 Ten 00:05:13
  • 04 Ju 00:04:17
  • 05 V daždi 00:03:20
  • 06 Kremnica 00:03:45
  • 07 Lúzer 00:03:12
  • 08 Kompas 00:05:10
  • 09 Bobule 00:04:00
  • 10 David 00:03:15

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