Zlatý vek

Billy Barman

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About the album

Sound of a new wave of Slovak music, breaking down unnecessary division into mainstream and underground.

The fourth studio album Billy Barman demonstrates their new eager approach to current world order. Zlaty vek (Golden age) is a clever interconnection of genre worlds that are perceived as contradictory. The old mixes with the new, but the main role is taken mainly by its songs - with a statement about today using a clear "Bily Barman" signature. 

Check out the new video Ukáž vrecká feat. Gleb



  • 01 Intro 00:00:57
  • 02 Bernard 00:02:58
  • 03 Doba doba 00:03:52
  • 04 Ukáž vrecká 00:04:31
  • 05 V meste straší 00:03:37
  • 06 Nedeľná polievka s výčitkou 00:03:34
  • 07 Lobbarium 00:01:06
  • 08 Červená armáda 00:03:51
  • 09 Svitá 00:04:04
  • 10 Bez tvojej pomoci 00:03:57
  • 11 Lepšie miesto na hranie 00:04:22

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