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Chocolate treat from Slnko records

"Slnkosť" is a special chocolate box from Slnko Records. Eight delicious candies in four different flavors, made by hand and in Slovakia from the highest quality chocolate. It is published in a limited edition of 50 packages for the 20th anniversary of the publishing house.  Finally you can support the creation of new music by eating chocolate!

We would like to thank our friend Juraj Cocher, a well-known concert promoter, for his production, who discovered an exceptional confectionery talent during a pandemic and the outage of live events. His brand of occasional candy boxes and Cocho Choco cakes immediately became a hit and very quickly outgrew the music bubble.

We are connected with Juraj through stories and experiences from the legendary Bratislava Tea Room "Čajovňa v podzemí", where he took care of the dramaturgy and organization of all events together with the trumpeter of the Polemic Petko. During the very beginnings of Slnko Records, Longital also performed several times within the premises of dormatory Bernolák. Shina and Daniel were called by Juraj to play there, who then arranged the band for a few more concerts in the Czech Republic.

After 20 years, our cooperation is renewed. In a slightly different, but all the more interesting context.

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